In the year 2038 society is obsessed with self-optimization and eternal beauty. The omnipresent Lavia corporation provides a solution for it – plastination of body parts for a perfect look that lasts forever. A simple injection and a few minutes waiting time is all you need to conserve your lips, legs, breasts, nose and everything else you want to keep in shape for the rest of your life.
The procedure promises to be a hit on the market but the young journalist Franziska Lisu has her doubts. Following an anonymous tip about cases of missing people around Lavia, she starts to investigate within the corporation.
For my Bachelor Thesis I worked with the social fiction short story by Yuriko Yushimata and created props for a potential movie adaption. My goal was to maintain a familiar feel for the objects seen on screen, but shape their design according to the near-future reality they exist in.
To create a consistent look and feel for the movie I worked with plastics and artificially looking materials. Laser cutting and engraving into fluorescent acrylic material and printing on iridescent or transparent papers were critical design aspects contributing to the idea of an dystopian near future that prefers fake perfect bodies over naturalness.  
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